Best choice for business owners who don't need to display huge amounts of data, while still getting their message across professionally.

R295 /m


Ideal for small and big businesses with a lot more data to display, requiring a targeted SEO strategy with a regular marketing goal.

R595 /m


Managed Account
R295 per month (or R270 per month paid annually)


Up to 10 Pages (see FAQ)

60 Minutes per month FREE data updates

SEO Pro (see FAQ)


25 Email addresses

25 Email aliases

Unlimited Traffic *

Web Hosting Included

Maintenance Included

Daily Backups

Managed Account
R595 per month (or only R545 per month paid Annually)


Up to 20 Pages (see FAQ)

120 Minutes per month FREE data updates

SEO Enterprise (see FAQ)


50 Email addresses

50 Email aliases

Unlimited Traffic *

Web Hosting Included

Maintenance Included

Daily Backups


What does Free Monthly Updates mean?

With regular updates, search engines like Google will notice that your website is active. Every time you publish something on your company website you create one more opportunity to show up in search engines. This in turn will drive traffic to your site, especially in organic search.

This is why we offer our Professional Edition clients 60 minutes per month and our Enterprise Edition clients 120 minutes per month free access to one of our content marketing specialists.

All you need to do is send us your latest news and we will update your business website pages or blog for you.

Blogging, social media interactions and using search engines, drives traffic to your site. With each blog post published, you are adding another indexed page to your website.

By actively blogging, search engines such as Google will start regularly checking your site for new content, driving up your rankings.

What if I exceed my Data Storage?

Disk over-usage will be charged at R5.00 per 10 MB. If you have reached your capacity, we will discuss your options to avoid over-usage charges, such as deleting unnecessary data. Usually the biggest culprit are emails not being deleted off the server.

It could also be that your website is using more data because it has been growing. If this is the case, it's great news, and we will help you look at options to upgrading to a more suitable package to accommodate your growth.

What is Unlimited Traffic?

What does unlimited mean? - Unlimited means that Zululand Social Media does not impose a quota limit.

Traffic no longer the first point of constraint in shared hosting, rather traffic is subject to reasonable use and not restricted by a quota.

A fraction of websites have always generated the vast majority of traffic. The use of quotas capped the risk of pushing aggregate traffic consumption beyond a viable threshold.

However, traffic costs have persistently declined over time, to the extent that they can be regarded as no longer being the first point of constraint. The server hardware infrastructure has now assumed that role.

The term ‘shared hosting’ implies that a server is shared by multiple customers.

Zululand Social Media’s powerful servers are typically underutilised with their low ratio of sites per server. This allows websites to grow and spike without compromising performance. 99% of websites will exist in this dynamic environment.

How will I know that my site is unsuited to a shared hosting server?

Simply, if one site singularly compromises shared server performance it has outgrown that environment. Less than 1% of sites are affected.

Determining that threshold upfront is difficult. We actively monitor server performance and will contact a site owner if necessary to discuss alternatives.

One of the main causes of this would be high demand. Where no gains in efficiency can be made, a dedicated server is the natural outcome.

It is also important to observe our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

How long will my website take to build?

Your website will be LIVE in just 5-days!

We understand how important your business is to you. Once we have all your information, we make sure your site is up and running as quickly as possible. We will have your website ready for inspection within 5 working days.

What is SEO Pro v SEO Enterprise?

SEO Pro for our professional edition clients is on-page SEO which covers things like SEO Title (the heading that appears in search engines like Google), Meta Description (this is the text below your SEO title that summarizes a page's content) as well as the focus keyword we want your page to be found with.

We will also submit your page to Google to make sure it gets indexed. Oh, and we will also create a SiteMap making it easier for search engines to index you.

SEO Enterprise for our enterprise edition clients includes all the features of the Professional edition. On top of that we have loaded it with some powerful add-ons like in-depth page optimisation, keyword targeting and image optimisation.

We will further focus on keyword density (how many times your chosen keyword appears in the text) as well as adding appropriate internal and external links to relevant content.


What does maintenance include?

We take the performance, security and stability of your website very seriously. Many web exploits look for outdated software and security flaws, which is why we ensure updates containing important changes will be regularly run.

In this way we ensure that your website continues to run safely and efficiently.

Do I pay extra for a new website?

You do not pay anything extra for a new website. We will build you a brand new website at no extra charge on any one of our managed accounts. With us there are no hidden costs or fees lurking in the woodwork.

We will build you an expertly crafted website using the latest design trends, with creative and engaging layouts that work beautifully.

Is there a limit to the number of web pages I can have?

There is no limit to how many pages you can have on your website. Depending on which edition you choose, if its the Professional edition we will initially design up to 10 pages, while the Enterprise edition we will design up to 20 pages for you.

From there you can add as many as you want as your business and website grows.

Will my website be Responsive?

Yes! Our responsive designs have layouts that flow beautifully across any screen size, looking great on phones, on tablets, on laptops and desktops.

"Mobile is changing the world. Today, everyone has smartphones with them, constantly communicating and looking for information. In many countries, the number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers; having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part of having an online presence." Google.

How will my website stand out from the rest?

With literally hundreds of fonts to choose from, we can customize your site to fit the look you want. This helps setting the right tone and mood with great typography and layouts, ensuring you get the best design for your business.

Do I need to pay extra for web hosting?

You don't pay anything extra for hosting. Our 24/7 reliable hosting is included with all our Zululand Social Media editions.

We are a reliable, high performance hosting partner for your online business, offering you a stable network and round-the-clock support.

What about backups and keeping my data safe?

We have a daily backup service of your website which is intended for emergency situations. This is however not intended as the copy of your content. We still encourage you to keep your own backups in a safe place.

For added peace of mind, we do offer additional backups offsite, and our consultants will be happy to discuss your particular requirements.


At Zululand Social Media we understand what’s important when designing your website. We understand too that the customer is crucial for every successful retail operation, whether brick and mortar or eCommerce.


Getting a professional web design without the big price tag has never been easier!

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